At Prime Dental, we believe the patient comes first no matter what. This is why we work with your insurance to find the best options for your dental care. Your dental health is extremely important, so our Garland, TX office accepts all PPO insurance plans. We also offer financing options for treatments that are not covered by your insurance, such as cosmetic dental work and other procedures. We will not charge you any hidden fees or add extra charges to the bill after treatments.

How much will my dental treatment cost?

That is a question that is best answered after consulting with both our dentist and your insurance company. Each policy is different, which means the cost out-of-pocket is different as well. We will sit with you and discuss payment options available, so you can keep your dental health up to date.

We have payment plans and financing for as low as $99 a month. This gives you even more options to work within our Garland office. We also have the option to purchase annual memberships, so you can receive great benefits all year from our office. There is no limit to how much we are willing to work with you to provide you the care you need.

Will I need cleaning when I come in for an appointment?

A cleaning is performed at every appointment that involves a checkup. If you have been to the dentist recently, a full cleaning may not be performed. However, it is good to have a cleaning performed to remove any buildup of bacteria, plaque, or calculus.

Do you accept Medicaid insurance?

Unfortunately, Prime Dental does not accept DHMO or Medicaid insurance programs. We do accept most other programs as well as all PPO insurance plans. If you have a DHMO plan or Medicaid, we can discuss your options for payment and possibly set up a payment plan that fits your budget and needs.

At Prime Dental, we are open from 7 am to 7 pm each weekday. We are also open on Saturdays so that our patients can have more convenient hours to visit our dental office. Call and book your appointment now to see your options when it comes to dental care.