Oral Cancer Screening in the Plano Area

Oral Cancer Screening in the Plano Area

There are a wide variety of ways we can stay on top of our oral health with the help of the experienced dental team at Prime Dental. Our team encourages regular dental cleanings and exams at least twice a year. They are an important way to clean teeth and check for issues, such as oral cancer and other severe issues. Regular oral cancer screenings can be done on any individual at any age. Continue reading on to learn more about oral cancer screenings and see how our dental team can help to keep up with your oral health.

Why is it Important?

Over 13,000 deaths are caused by oral cancer. Regular oral cancer screenings can help to lower this unfortunate statistic through early diagnosis. Your Prime Dental dentist will look for signs of cancer or precancerous signs in your mouth. We aim to catch any signs of oral cancer from its earliest stages. The earlier your doctor diagnosis cancer, the better your chance of finding a treatment that works for you.

When is it Done?

Screenings are typically performed during a patient’s biannual appointment with their local dentist, but your dentist may recommend additional tests if there is a concern. There are individuals with a higher risk of oral cancer. Below are a few factors that increase an individual’s risk of oral cancer:

  • The use of tobacco
  • Increased use of alcohol
  • Previous diagnosis of cancer
  • Previous use of significant sun exposure

If you are affected by any of these factors, then your dentist may recommend more frequent oral cancer screenings to better protect your overall health.

What is Involved in a Screening?

Your dentist will do a thorough visual exam and look for any signs of red or white patches and mouth sores. They will feel the tissues inside your mouth and check for any abnormalities. Based on the results, your dentist may ask for more tests to be performed, such as a biopsy.

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