Orthodontics  in Garland, TX

Orthodontics in Garland, TX

Our orthodontists at Prime Dental in Garland, specialize in correcting bites, shape, and straightness. We focus on re-aligning teeth, straightening crooked smiles, improving speech, treating overbites, and ensuring healthy gums. Our orthodontic care is customized based on each patient’s health needs. At Prime Dental in Garland, we want our patients to see an improvement in the appearance of their smile, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure a comfortable, effective, and efficient visit each time.

Are orthodontics for me?

Anyone with misaligned teeth or jawbones is a candidate for orthodontal care. Many people require braces to fix crooked teeth. This procedure involves attaching metal wires to brackets attached directly to the teeth to prevent shifting and promote re-alignment. Of course, the advantages of orthodontal care go much further than the benefits of braces. For instance, specific treatments can alleviate pain from TMJ and correct other bothersome bite problems.

To be sure, your dentist or orthodontist is the end-all-be-all of deciding factors when it comes to orthodontics and your teeth. When you visit your dental practitioner, they will use a variety of testing tools to see if you are a candidate for orthodontics. In particular, your dental practitioner will do a full workup on your medical and dental history, make molds of your teeth, and take advanced x-rays to check if your teeth require orthodontal care. After receiving a comprehensive inspection at your local Garland dental office, your dentists will be able to tell you if you are in need of an orthodontal treatment.

Several conditions exist which call for orthodontal care. For example, an overbite is where your top front teeth extend past your lower front teeth. Oppositely, and underbite makes a person a prime candidate for orthodontal care and is the converse of an overbite. Additionally, those patients with cross-bites might consider a trip to their local dentist because improperly aligned teeth are a major reason to undergo orthodontal care.

Will braces be painful?

Depending on your pain tolerance, braces may bring slight discomfort. In many cases, braces are not painful when being applied to the teeth. We educate our patients every step of the way, so there are no surprises and no need to worry. Our Prime Dental Garland orthodontists will be with you every step of the way as this a new feeling for your mouth.

What can I expect when getting braces?

Getting braces requires multiple visits to the dentist. Patients receiving braces soon can expect a smooth placement day followed by a couple of days of discomfort (depending on your pain tolerance), followed by numerous orthodontic appointments for regular check-ups. To achieve amazing results, we recommend patients be dedicated to their goals by ensuring proper hygiene and gum care concurrent with braces to ensure no complications that could slow the process.

Will I have to give up certain foods?

During your first few days, we recommend eating soft meals that will not disrupt your braces. After a week of wear, patients will feel more confident eating regular meals, but we still recommend that you avoid eating sticky and sugary food as it can promote tooth decay and staining.

Are braces the only option for straight teeth?

Living in modern times has allowed experts to create new and innovating ideas that can straighten teeth. As it happens, there are a variety of ways to align your teeth that are not as permanent as braces. For starters, aligners are becoming increasingly common because they act similar to permanent orthodontic procedures but allow for patients to easily remove them when eating or brushing their teeth. Together with aligners, fixes like lip and check bumpers, appliances that reposition your jaw, and other removable appliances can be used to fix your misaligned teeth. Plus, retainers are a popular option before and after receiving braces because they serve to reduce shifting after permanent fixtures are removed. Not to mention, retainers can also be employed to stop a young one from thumb-sucking.

At Prime Dental in Garland, we are proud to provide Invisalign as an alternative to help correct the alignment of a smile. Ask our orthodontist if you are a qualifying candidate for Invisalign.