Tooth Decay in Garland, TX

Tooth Decay in Garland, TX

Everyone knows that cavities are a constant threat to your teeth, especially for kids, but you might be surprised to hear that, according to the American Medical Association, tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. Here at Prime Dental in Garland, we are happy to provide the best possible options for preventing tooth decay and treating it in the unfortunate case that it strikes.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is most often caused by a buildup of destructive plaque and bacteria, which eat away at the tooth’s surface. This can lead to cavities, especially in children due to the higher numbers of grooves in their developing teeth. But even though the best prevention techniques, from daily brushing to consistent flossing, are crucial to stopping tooth decay before it starts, sometimes it’s just not enough.

Comprehensive Treatment

Our office is a “One-Stop Shop for State-of-the-Art Technology,” offering everything from the latest cleaning techniques for oral exams to the best options for fillings. Our professional dental team offers the most thorough cleanings in the Garland area, providing expert service and treatments that will protect your smile. With 35 years of combined experience, our partners not only know how to spot tooth decay but have the tools to fight back!

We also offer dental sealants, one of the most effective ways to protect against tooth decay. This simple, non-invasive procedure creates a nearly invisible barrier between the tooth and the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Not only do dental sealants last for years, but they are also one of the best ways to ensure that your children have great smiles well into adulthood.

Should tooth decay rear its ugly head, we also offer expert fillings to repair any damage and get you on your way to making your smile beautiful again.

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Of course, the best treatment for anything is prevention! We here at Prime Dental always remind our patients that brushing twice or more a day, flossing regularly, reducing sugars in your diet, and scheduling regular cleanings will protect your teeth from decay. Book your next appointment online now!