The Truth About Tooth Extractions for Children

The Truth About Tooth Extractions for Children

May 01, 2019

Tooth extraction is scary for most people. When we hear about tooth extraction, we always imagine a painful procedure. But the anxiety can be even more when it comes to extracting the tooth of your children. Children and always afraid of the dental appointments and taking them for something like tooth extraction can be a task as they don’t know what to expect.

However, the dentist near 75040 says that as parents, you need to understand what’s involved in the procedure so that you can prepare them for the experience. You can also talk to your kid’s dentist in Garland for ways to give your child complete relief.

Reasons at the Root of a Tooth Extraction

The underlying reasons for tooth extraction can be many such as decay or infection. Sometime, the tooth gets knocked out or broken because of injury. Though the dentist tries to preserve the natural tooth as much as possible, sometime, extraction is the only option. The tooth must be extracted when even root canal can’t save the tooth. It may also be needed if the tooth is crowding other teeth says the dentist near you.

Proceeding with the Procedure

The dentist in Garland, TX says that the type of treatment is determined on the basis of your child’s case and kind of extraction required. There are two types of extraction, simple and surgical. While the former needs only numbing the area of extraction, the latter needs sedation. You must discuss about the procedure with your kids to help them prepare and relax.

Post-Procedure Care for Your Child

  • Give your child an over-the-counter or prescribed medication for soothing the soreness in their jaw.
  • Place an ice pack on any swollen areas for about 20 minutes to decrease the inflammation.
  • Serve only soft foods for 24 hours after the extraction.
  • Ask them to continue with normal dental care routine with brushing and flossing gently.
  • If your child experiences any fever, chills, swelling, or pain, call the dentist immediately.
  • Follow all the dental care tips suggested by the dentist diligently to speedy recovery.