What Are The Common Myths of Teeth Whitening?

What Are The Common Myths of Teeth Whitening?

Dec 01, 2019

Your confidence and self-esteem will be enhanced with a sparkling white smile apart from improving your appearance dramatically. It is the reason why teeth whitening treatments are amongst the most popular aesthetic dental procedures presently in demand. However, you will have no difficulties finding several myths and misconceptions about teeth whitening stating it can play a role causing severe damage to your teeth and prove to be a waste of money. Dentist 75040 states some facts to separate the myths and tell you how safe teeth whitening is.

Myth 1 Over-The-Counter Whitening Products Are Better Than Treatments That A Dental Office

Most over-the-counter products contain sodium chloride as an active ingredient that significantly reduces the hardness of the teeth because of acids. The teeth become susceptible to abrasions on the surface in the future. The dentist near you will be using hydrogen peroxide during an in-office cleaning. It is a fact that the chemical composition of most over-the-counter products makes them extremely risky. Many products contain dangerous chemicals including toxic substances which conceivably damage the gums as well as the teeth. A qualified dentist, on the other hand, is specifically trained to consider existing health problems and side effects including gum disease and the impact a teeth whitening procedure can have when selecting a product that is safe and effective.

Myth 2 You Need to Give up Coffee And Red Wine After Teeth Whitening Forever

People undergoing a teeth whitening procedure will be recommended not to have foods and beverages that can cause staining like coffee and red wine do. However the recommendations are not permanent and the dentist in Garland, TX, only suggests staying away from them for the initial few days following the treatment. The procedure opens the pores of the teeth with the chemical reaction working for the next few days.

Myth 3 Dentists Take a Long Time For in Office Cleaning

Teeth whitening is a procedure and the time taken to complete the cleaning depends on the process being used. Some procedures are using teeth whiteners along with a laser-activated bleaching system that allows a patient to have a healthy white smile and just about 20 minutes.

Myth 4 Teeth Whitening Guarantees White Teeth

The effectiveness of this procedure varies from one patient to another. The type of stains that have developed, the thickness of the enamel, the structure of the tooth, and the age of the patient all have a role to play in the effectiveness of the procedure. Therefore for the best clarity, it is suggested that the dentist offering teeth whitening in Garland, TX, be consulted, realistic expectations are set, and the appropriate procedure be chosen for best results.

Myth 5 Sensitivity And Weakness Affect the Teeth After the Procedure

The reality is that teeth whitening is a medical procedure like any other and is accompanied by a set of potential risks including sensitivity, irritation of the gums and nerve damage. It is therefore recommended that the procedure be conducted by a licensed professional dental health provider who can help to avoid or minimize the risks significantly. Additionally, studies have proven that the latest technology for teeth whitening with whitening gels activated by lasers display little or no surface alterations, damage, or sensitivity when compared to most conventional teeth whitening products.

Teeth whitening continues to remain the easiest, the quickest and simplest method of enhancing your smile. However if you want to ensure the most effective results without any risks it is best to consult the professional dentist in Garland, TX before deciding on the procedure which may be suitable for you according to the dentist.

Teeth whitening by itself will not prove beneficial if you are ignoring proper oral hygiene regularly. As your teeth cannot remain white forever after the procedure an effort will be required on your part to ensure the cleanliness of your teeth. You need to brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and also use an antibacterial mouthwash to prevent the buildup of plaque in your mouth. The brushing alone will not reach every nook and corner of your mouth making it necessary for you also to begin developing the habit of flossing to remove any food particles and debris left behind by the brushing. Visiting your dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings is also a requirement you shouldn’t forget and schedule appointments without exceptions. The teeth whitening procedure will only remain as effective as you are prepared to keep it. Any ignorance on your part will bring the stains back on your teeth making it necessary for you to undergo the procedure all over again.