What To Expect In An Oral Cancer Screening

What To Expect In An Oral Cancer Screening

Apr 01, 2019

Every year, over 40000 people are diagnosed with some form of oral cancer. While detecting the symptoms of oral cancer might be difficult to detect, they can quickly spread throughout your body. It is vital to get regularly screened for cancer, and early diagnosis can make treatment easier and less painful for the patient.

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

Examinations which screen for oral cancer involve your dentist in 75040 will look for symptoms of cancerous and precancerous conditions in your throat and your mouth. Most oral cancer screening can be conducted along with your routine dental check-up and examination. Your dentist in Garland will only need to conduct a few additional tests to identify symptoms of oral cancer. Though not mandatory, it is advised to undergo an oral cancer screening routinely.

Who is at Risk?

While anyone can get oral cancel, certain lifestyle choices and habits can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. These habits include smoking, consumption of alcohol and tobacco. People who have high exposure to the sun can also develop oral cancer. Reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and lower the risk of developing oral cancer.

What to Expect During Your Screening?

Your dentist in Garland, TX will inspect your mouth for patches or sores which are one of the most common symptoms of oral cancer. These might feel like lumps or abnormal issues inside your mouth.

Your dentist in Garland will conduct a much more in-depth testing by using a blue dye which will be absorbed by these tissues and make them appear more apparent. In case your dentist in Garland, TX feels there is something abnormal, they might conduct a biopsy of the tissue.

Importance of Screenings

In almost every case, early detection can allow eradication of cancer, allowing the patient to live a normal life. Whereas a delayed detection can have a long-term implication on the treatment and recovery of the patient. In case you wish to know more about oral cancer screening or undergo a screening, feel free to contact Prime Dental (Garland).