Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Preventive Dental Care

Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Preventive Dental Care

Jun 01, 2019

As the spring season arrives, most people begin to feel the urge to clean. However, spring cleaning should not just be confined to your house. Regular dental care at home along with checkups and cleaning with dentist can help in enjoying great dental health, says the dentist in Garland. Here’s a look at some reasons why preventive dental care matters:

Reduce Plaque

Dental cleaning helps in reducing the plaque from your teeth and gums. If plaque is allowed to accumulate for a longer duration, it can lead to a lot of dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, inflammation, discoloration and other oral health concerns.

Reverse Gingivitis

When red, swollen, and bleeding gums exist, preventive dental care can help in preventing its progress which can lead to bone loss and periodontal disease.

Cancer Screening

The dentist in 75040 says that early identification and intervention is the best way of tackling any problem and it applies to oral cancer as well. The dentist can help in diagnosing the symptoms and signs of cancer, pre-cancer, and problematic lesions during the dental examination.

Addresses Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused because of several reasons apart from poor oral hygiene. Dry mouth from medications, overproduction of bacteria, or smoking can cause bad breath.

Support Glucose Management

The dentist near Garland, TX says that preventive dental care supports the diabetic health, and there is a link between diabetes and gum disease. Research shows that diabetics are more susceptible to both gingivitis and periodontitis and they have a negative effect on glucose management.

Reduce Heart Problems

Diet, exercise, and a visit to the dentist can help in reducing the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Gum disease is a result of inflammation, and new studies show that inflammation anywhere in the body is a sign of it everywhere. Good oral health can support a healthy heart.

Brain Health

Both strokes and Alzheimer’s disease are linked to poor dental care. Regular dental visits can help in slowing down the progression of the gum disease and prevent periodontal disease.